Beauty is more than skin deep. We dare you to also ask cabinet makers or other european brands about how they compare.

Exclusive finishes

1. Many of our finishes are impossible to find in Australia. The ones that can be are expensive. Two examples are our embossed, open pore melamine and frameless, etched glass.

Choice, Prestige

2. Zoneform can offer optional Graphite Grey carcasses at no extra cost. Employing Graphite Grey behind darker doors eliminates unslightly white showing through door gaps.

3. We offer the possibility of suspending oven and integrated-fridge towers.

4. Zoneform offers the possibility to easily integrate next generation accessories from Gemany and Italy.

5. We can make End and fridge panels in 20, 30 and 40mm thick to add prestige and detail.

6. Zoneform can easily fully Integrate 'touch' and automatic LED lighting, complemented with 8mm toughened glass shelves.

Italian Style & Intelligent Design

7. Zoneform cabinets feature the very latest progression in ergonomics, starting with 800mm high base cabinets allowing for the lowest solid aluminium plinth in the world (60mm) and right up to 180mm plinths. And we eliminate ugly open joins under integrated dishwashers.

8. Optional super-funky electric, pocketing and auto-sliding doors and drawers, extracting corners and other systems that aren't just impressive but actually help you everyday.

We Wont Poison Your Family or The Planet

9. Zoneform cabinets won't poison your family since they're made of non toxic panel (E0). Neither will they harm the environment, since our cabinets and - and most doors - are made from the world's only E0 material that is also 100% recycled from the 'Urban Jungle'. Not a single tree is cut down to make it.