If you are considering a European kitchen, Italian-made must be seriously assessed for their design, environmental and human-safe attributes, as well as for their quality.

There are two main choices for a European kitchen; German or Italian. Kitchens is one of the industries in which Italin-made can exceed German product. Fortunatley for you, Zoneform's Italian kitchens give you the best of both worlds; famous Italian design and the benefit of the highest quality hardware, including Austrian-made Grass drawer runners and German-made Hettich systems.

Debateably, in the world of European Kitchens, Italy is at the forefront of design and technology, and certainly is a leader when it comes to the environment and keeping your family free of toxins. In some areas such as integrated lighting and sliding doors systems, Italian kitchens shine over their German couisins. Also, in Germany they do what they do best, which is mass-production, whilst Italian manufacturers are generally smaller, family comapnies and are far more artisan-like. Zoneform's Gatto brand is a great example of this phenomena. And technically this means German manufacturers are driven to reduce costs in production and the use of 14mm thick non-recycled panel for carcass is evidence of this.